August 08, 2013


These 'Lazy Lady' posts will contain no helpful or functional content they are just me strutting my stuff around with a few lazy side notes.

This cake for a friend took ages but was so much fun to make! This was my first tiered and smooth buttercream cake. I learned many things.

The design inspiration started with 'craft beer' and then turned into this and then I added flags because I like everything to be cute and figure everyone else must feel the same on some level.

The bottom tier is a chocolate cake with raspberry mousse and the top tier is a vanilla sponge tiramisu. I made the top decoration oh, I'd say about 4 times! In the end I used gumpaste for the topper, modeling chocolate for the little flags and a mix of gumpaste and modeling chocolate for everything else. I loved learning how to work with modeling chocolate because it is soft, tasty and edible as opposed to rock hard gumpaste. I also learned how to make mascarpone (hooray!) whilst discovering I am lactose intolerant (oh, how unfortunate). My world of pastry is currently reeling into an abyss of coconut milk and soaked cashews. This will take some adjustment time; excuse me while I go cry in the corner.

Le urbain jardin... shoulder pat.

A backyard bbq rib-fest provided by some amazing friends. I contributed a gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, refined sugar-free hippy-tastic peach and blueberry pie that was delicious? fantastic? absolutely scrumpdiddlyumptious? no, it was pretty good though. Thank goodness I am not allergic to everything like this pie is.

Oh, Naramata, what a magical place, a place so wondrous, bountiful, gentle and homey it induces my boyfriend to make the most delectable pies. We returned to the city a few days ago and I'm ready to go back to the country now.

Thanks for the bloggers indulgence.

xoxo Melissa

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  1. Loved this post! The cake looks stunning! Sorry about your lactose intolerance, what a bummer!


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