March 20, 2013


Hey, nice to meet you! I am one lucky girl who has found herself with a lot of time on her hands.

I've recently left a career filled with many delightful, carpal-tunnel-making, creative-heart-racing, weekend-over-timing, fabric-development-dreaming, working-until-1 aming and eating-cereal-for-dinnering years of designing clothing.

Now that I have some time to breathe and explore new interests I am trying to decide what the next step in life could be. And well, I can't. With all of this time freedom I have been clamouring to complete a seemingly endless array of fantastic projects. One week I'm obsessed with the beauty and rarity of modern wedding dresses, the next cake design, then decorating sugar cookies, or, hey, how about two solid days of watching sugar flower tutorials. And then hours of 'pinning' quilts and dreaming up clothes I can't find on the racks. I'm honestly not sure what next week will hold. Carpentry? Painting? Oh boy.

I will be the first to say that I am not a writer. But I will try to maintain decent spelling and do my darnedest on proper punctuation. However when it comes to grammar and sentence structure you will have to give me free license for now. And I cannot for the life of me remember what the fundamentals of paragraphing are so I'll just put pictures in pretty increments. Like so.

Ahem, the purpose of this blog is pure selfish vanity and goal setting/attaining. There I said it, at least I'm honest. It will follow my foray into the crafty, dreamy, happiness and probable frustrations as I complete all the little projects that make my heartbeats as well as act as a helpful motivation and tracking tool. Through these projects I will flush out where my creative strength lies and in what genre I may find the most happiness, satisfaction and success. Have I said how lucky I am yet? I will record the process of creation and trials and tribulations of said projects and even perhaps provide a pattern or two for the internet world. Maybe something will click and it is back to clothing design. Or perhaps out into a fresh new little world of my own creation. Or maybe both? Or, or, or...

xoxo Melissa

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